. Services | Omar Bin Al-Khattab Islamic Center


  • To establish, construct, maintain and operate OBKIC that shall host daily congregational prayers, weekend schooling and conduct religious services.
  • To provide sessions for religious education, sports programs and recreational services.
  • To encourage and facilitate women and youth involvements and activities.
  • To promote and maintain unity among Muslims and establish mutual understanding and co-operation between Muslims and other communities in state of Washington and USA in general.


The OBKIC Islamic Center offers marriage and pre-marriage counseling services. If you would like to have your marriage contract (Nikah) officiated by OBKIC, please follow the procedures described in this page.

Procedure for getting married at OBKIC Islamic Center.

  • Read “The conditions of an Islamic Marriage” (see below).
  • Call OBKIC to discuss the date and location of marriage and to set up a pre-marriage counseling appointment (if needed).
  • Obtain a marriage license from your local county courthouse and bring it to your marriage appointment. Your marriage license will be signed by the Imam at the same time as your Islamic marriage contract.
  • Complete the Nikah Form and submit them to the main office one week prior to your scheduled marriage date. The forms must be submitted in person and proper ID must be presented.The information provided on the forms will be what will appear on the Islamic marriage contract. You can download and print them below or pick them up at OBKIC’s administration office.

The Conditions for an Islamic Marriage

The minimum requirements for a marriage to be valid under the Islamic Shariah are:

  • Mutual agreement and consent of the groom and the bride
  • Dowry (Mahr) paid by the groom to the bride
  • Two Muslim adult male witnesses of sound mind
  • The consent of the bride’s guardian (Wali) and his presence, or that of his representative (Wakeel)


Procedures Following a Muslim’s Death:
Call the OBKIC office at 206-588-2864 to obtain more information about funeral home. Funeral prayer takes place shortly after Dhuhr prayer.


The OBKIC Center always has its doors open for counseling services. Most counseling services requests are for family counseling. However, other types of counseling can also be provided as needed. For more information, please Contact Counseling Committee at info@obkseattle.org.